Online Service is a service of emergency stock between the most cutting edge
of the sector. A platform dedicated to offer an additional service and ready to solve
customer problems in the management of the stock and assortment.

Thanks to the synergies implemented with Xacus you can access the site b2b.xacus.com and directly order the items within this folder, verifying in real time prices and availability. Online Service is available 7 days out of 7 and 24 hours on 24 via web. Calling for enabling the service Buyers section within the site can be accessed at time xacus.com real to the central warehouse directly ordering the desired quantities with shipping, subject to availability, the next day. You will have the possibility to access to two types of warehouse; Online Service, dedicated to articles Permanent and Seasonal Service, warehouse dedicated to seasonal items. Also registering the portal Online Service will be, subject to your approval, inserted inside the Newsletter - Key Client. You will have the opportunity to be informed about events and press activities by Xacus but most of the periodic arrival of new items in the Seasonal Service, or the special promotion of some items. All applications in the portal are compatible with iPad and iPhone.